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Introduction:Factory supply custom logo OEM various milliliters pet disinfectant spry odor removing antibacterial pet spry to eliminate dog and cat smell ,potty pad smell and pet oder smell

Cleaning Type:spry

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Introduction:pet disinfectant spry is an animal and environment - friendly disinfectant, directly spray for use, sterilization, disinfection, odor removal, without any irritation or allergies to pets. Our factory can provide OEM and ODM, customers can choose the bottle type and incense type and different specifications, 60ml 100ml 120ml 150ml 200ml 250ml 300ml 500ml 1000ml.The production formula is mainly plant extracts and environment - friendly organic antibiotics, containing aloe extract, Chinese wolfberry extract, chamomile extract and natural quaternary ammonium salt and other organic ingredients, to ensure safety, efficiency, non - allergy. Our factory has a number of automatic liquid filling production line, the production workshop is 100, 000 level clean workshop, the production links to ensure cleanliness and efficiency and quality stability.This product can be used in the pet breeding process, the pet body regular spraying disinfection, to prevent the pet sick, but also to the pet cage and excrement spraying disinfection, can not only disinfect and prevent disease and remove the odor. Our factory from the raw materials to the finished products are double testing, after the double inspection of the qualified raw materials can be put into the warehouse, after the qualified double inspection can be out of the warehouse. The packaging materials we choose are packaging materials that meet international standards to ensure the firmness and safety of the transportation process.Our factory is working for 17 years,we have domestic production qualifications and filing licenses for disinfection products, domestic and international product certification and third - party testing reports, and are working with large companies in Japan, Hong Kong, Europe and Southeast Asia. We have a professional customs clearance team, the location also has the port advantages, fast and convenient customs clearance. Our factory has a 24 - hour online after - sales service team to solve the after - sales service problems at any time to ensure customer satisfaction. For customers ' customized products, our factory requires customers to advance the deposit and settle the remaining payment with the bill of lading.

Load Quantity

NUM  Item Name Specifications  Packaging
1 PET DISINFECTANT SPRY 50ml/bottle 12bottles/box ,20 boxes/carton ,1000 cases/40 HQ
2 PET DISINFECTANT SPRY 60ml/bottle 12bottles/box ,20 boxes/carton ,1000 cases/40 HQ
3 PET DISINFECTANT SPRY 100ml/bottle 6 bottles/box ,20 boxes/carton ,1000 cases/40 HQ
4 PET DISINFECTANT SPRY 200ml/bottle 3 bottles/box ,20 boxes/carton ,1000 cases/40 HQ
5 PET DISINFECTANT SPRY 500ml/bottle 24 bottles/box ,1000 cases/40 HQ
6 PET DISINFECTANT SPRY 1000ml/bottle 12 bottles/box ,1000 cases/40 HQ

Application scene: eliminate dog and cat smell ,potty pad smell and pet oder smell

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Introduction Factory supply custom logo OEM various milliliters pet disinfectant spry odor removing antibacterial pet spry to eliminate dog and cat smell ,potty pad smell and pet oder smell
Cleaning Type spry
Sample collection  free
Factory staff 233
Description pet disinfectant spry
Function  Kill 99.99% bacteria and viruses
Specification 60ml 100ml 120ml 150ml 200ml 250ml 300ml 500ml 1000ml
Usage Turn on the spray switch, press the switch, and spray on all parts of the pet's body and pet's nestfor 10 seconds,odor removing antibacterial pet spry
Port  Qingdao
Duration of payment T/T, L/C,D/P,Western Union
Capacity  according to pieces 100,0000 per month
Active ingredient content Organic fungicide
Brand  haicheng health
Dosage form  Liquid spray
Certification  GMP/ISO/MSDS/SGS
OEM/ODM acceptable
Main target buyers  supermarkets, hotels, e-commerce, trading companies, etc
Packing details Bottle Carton
Shelf life 2 years
Note for external use only, no oral use.
Storage conditions keep in a cool, dry place.
Delivery time 5000-20000 bottles   15 days
bottles over 20001    negotiated

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