Xi’an, China, was closed down, and the disinfection product sales were strong

At the beginning of 2022, Xi’an, China, saw the COVID-19 epidemic with 100 people per day. Governments at all levels attached great importance to it and took measures to close down the city.We will ensure that the epidemic is dynamically cleared up dynamically.Other provinces and cities have also taken active actions to ensure real-time monitoring of the flow of personnel and actively reserve epidemic prevention materials.

During this period of time, our company’s disinfection products are also strong sales, disinfection wipes (including alcohol wipes and disinfectant sanitary wipes) and disinfectant (including 84 disinfectant and alcohol disinfectant and wash-free gel) are constantly delivered every day.Supply the needs of different units and families across the country.

Although the work is busy, the production quality should ensure strict management, can not be ignored.We have two sets of quality management departments, the first set is the laboratory quality inspector, mainly responsible for the spot inspection of raw materials and finished products, using data as the standard.The second is the workshop department quality inspector, mainly is the finished product testing, do each piece must check, strictly prohibited from the factory.

General Manager: Jiang Bentao

January 6th, 2022


Post time: Jan-06-2022