How to use 75% alcohol correctly

Due to the current special period, in addition to masks, 75-degree alcohol has become a common product, but for many people, the chance of using alcohol to disinfect them is quite small, so they don’t know how to use 75-degree alcohol correctly. Today I will give you some popular science.


1. How to use 75% alcohol correctly
If you go out, you can carry a bottle of alcohol in the spray head for easy disinfection; when you come home, you must disinfect yourself at the door to keep the virus out. The main way is to put the coat and After the shoes are taken off, perform a simple spray disinfection first, and then carefully wipe and disinfect them, especially shoes. Try to carry out this process in a ventilated environment to facilitate the volatilization of alcohol.


2. Suitable disinfection range

We need to know what needs to be disinfected during this period of time? First of all, some of the supplies we often come into contact with, such as keyboards, telephones, mice, card punches, and even mobile phones that we use every day after resuming work; secondly, if you are traveling by public transportation, you must be seated The chair or armrest should be disinfected; third, when the company uses a thermometer to measure, it should also be disinfected after use; fourth, if you can’t clean your hands with water, you can also use alcohol to disinfect; Wipe and disinfect clothing and shoes.


3.what should be paid attention to when using alcohol for disinfection
Do not touch open flames or heat sources during use. Clean items should be cleaned and ventilated after disinfection to ensure that the alcohol container is sealed and kept out of the reach of children. In addition, alcohol should not be stored too much, and it should not be stored near a heat source environment.

This is about the correct use of 75-degree alcohol disinfection. You must remember that this is a casual thing, after all, our lives are important.

Post time: Oct-03-2021