Established a second friendly cooperation with Hong Kong customers

In May 2021, Hong Kong customers who have ordered disinfectant products from the company ordered a batch of disinfection sanitary wet wipes from the company. Because of the previous cooperation, this time the order for disinfection sanitary wet wipes went smoothly. During the cooperation with Hong Kong customers, we had a few weeks of communication, including detailed communication in various aspects such as product specifications, raw materials, packaging bags, picture design, etc., and both parties can respond in time for each reply and exchange, so Commodities can be quickly concluded, effectively speeding up the efficiency of cooperation between the two parties. After the communication and confirmation, we first mailed 1 box of samples to the customer, asked the customer to do the inspection and test report, and sent to the customer our production and operation qualifications and other related qualifications, which was quickly recognized by the customer, and immediately ordered 20,000 boxes, in installments Ship. After the arrival of the products, the customers gave strong support and recognition to the quality and production speed of the company’s products.

Before each product is produced, the workshop production staff will conduct a test on the equipment and machinery. Each test takes 5-10 minutes. After the machine test is completed, they will go to the purification workshop for production. After the product is produced, there will be an inspector for a second time. Check to prevent packaging leaks or product quality problems. Only after the second inspection is completed will it be packed and shipped to customers. The liquid used in the production of wet wipes is researched and developed by professional and technical personnel. It has undergone strict technical testing and has a complete inspection report, so that you can be more assured of our products.

The basis of cooperation between Yantai Haicheng Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. and its customers is quality assurance, production speed assurance, and price assurance. Every customer here will get the best quality products and the best services, and can produce the most satisfactory products to the customers. There is no secondary price difference of the middleman, so that every customer feels that the value for money is worthwhile. value. A good cooperation is also inseparable from the mutual cooperation and efforts of both parties. Only by working together can we achieve a win-win situation.


Post time: Jun-30-2021