Enterprise Honor

Yantai Haicheng Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. is an honest enterprise with complete qualifications and many honors. The company has been in development for more than 17 years and has had close cooperation with many companies. There are also many exchanges with major business associations. In the exchanges, we continue to learn from the excellent aspects of others, take the essence and discard the dross, and forge ahead actively, thus playing a very good role in the future development of our company.

In the 2016 Corporate Integrity Promotion Association’s Integrity Enterprise Commendation Conference, he was awarded the “Member of Yantai Enterprise Integrity Promotion Association”. The selection of quotas for this event commendation conference is divided into three parts: public nomination, popular vote, mutual voting among enterprises, the event is fair and open, and through the selection and selection of layers, the quota is finally established. The honor received this time is not only a recognition of our company, but also an expectation of us, hoping that we can do better in the future. It has also been awarded many honorary titles by the local government such as outstanding entrepreneurs, honest enterprises, excellent chamber of commerce corporate members, and honest chamber of commerce corporate members. Some countries and regions that we have exported are also very satisfied with our products. This is also the result of our company’s efforts to develop.

During the 2020 epidemic, all employees of the company made concerted efforts. Under the leadership of the general manager, they worked overtime every day to make disinfection and sanitary products, including alcohol wipes, disinfection wipes, medical masks, protective clothing and other sanitary protection products. During the epidemic, it played an important role and provided guarantee for people’s safety, epidemic prevention and travel. I addition, we are still actively developing new products and continuously researching for people’s healthy lives.



Post time: Jun-26-2021