Antibacterial hand sanitizing gel

The antibacterial hand washing disinfectant gel is a disposable disinfectant gel, which is a new disinfection product developed by our company in 2020. It can effectively kill bacteria and viruses on the hands. It is an environmentally friendly antibacterial gel, which is non-irritating to human skin and very friendly to the environment. At present, it has been exported to many countries such as Japan and Hong Kong. We have multiple sets of fully automatic production liquid filling equipment. Our products are produced in the purification workshop, which is environmentally friendly and hygienic, and can improve production efficiency. It can fully meet the needs of customers. After the production is completed, we will also arrange a quality inspector to conduct a second inspection to avoid any quality problems, and you can buy and use it with confidence. The packaging and raw materials of our products are in line with international standards, and we have complete import and export qualifications and inspection reports.
In addition, we also have a variety of antibacterial agents:Antibacterial hand soap、Food Cold Chain Disinfectant In Barrels、Hand Sanitizer Gel、Hand Sanitizer With Alcohol for you to choose.
How to use: Squeeze out an appropriate amount of gel, apply it evenly on your hands, and knead for a few seconds until the surface is clean.

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Post time: Jun-23-2021