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Introduction:Factory supply Custom logo OEM household medical various milliliters hand sanitizer wash-free portable anti-corrosion disinfectant hand and skin degerming

Cleaning Type: Dry cleaning

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Introduction: Hand sanitizer is a wash - free product that can solve the problem of hand and skin disinfection without water,kill 99.99% bacteria and viruses, fast and effective.Our factory can produce products of various specifications, 20ml 30ml 50ml 60ml 100ml 120ml 150ml 200ml 250ml 300ml 500ml 1000ml,It can also be made according to customer required specifications and bottle type, trademarks and labels can also be designed and printed according to customer requirements, and customize OEM and ODM products.Main production materials are fermented alcohol, pure water, carbomer, neutralizing agents, aloe extract, vitamin E, etc. , the formula is mild and not stimulating, and it can also be configured with different incense types according to customer requirements. Our factory has multiple gel reactors and multiple gel filling production lines, from the labeling, twist cover, filling, box sealing are fully automatic equipment production, can ensure the production efficiency and product quality. Disinfection gel can be widely used in travel, hotels, hospitals, banks, stations, airports and other personal or public places, without washing, using directly, it can effectively solve the disinfection problem of hands and skin, safe and non - stimulating, and friendly to the human body and the environment.After seventeen years of development,our factory has obtained the production license and product filing of Chinese disinfection products, all products with third - party testing reports, and also obtained ISO9001 International Quality Management System certification and FDA and MSDS products certification, The raw materials and products of the factory are double inspected by the production workshop and laboratory to ensure that the quality of the factory products reaches the standard. Packaging materials meet international standards, because it is a port city, customs clearance and transportation is also very convenient. We have a 24 - hour after - sales team that can quickly solve customer after - sales problems and give customers no worries. We produce according to customer orders, so we need a customer deposit and settle the balance by the bill of lading.

Load Quantity

NUM  Item Name Specifications  Packaging
1 HAND SANITIZER 20ml/TUBE 24tubes/box ,20 boxes/carton ,1000 cases/40 HQ
2 HAND SANITIZER 30ml/TUBE 18tubes/box ,20 boxes/carton ,1000 cases/40 HQ
3 HAND SANITIZER 50ml/TUBE 12tubes/box,20boxes/carton,1000 cases/40 HQ
4 HAND SANITIZER 60ml/BOTTLE 12bottles/box ,20 boxes/carton ,1000 cases/40 HQ
5 HAND SANITIZER 100ml/BOTTLE 6bottles/box ,20 boxes/carton ,1000 cases/40 HQ
6 HAND SANITIZER 200ml/BOTTLE 3bottles/box ,20 boxes/carton ,1000 cases/40 HQ
7 HAND SANITIZER 300ml/BOTTLE 40bottles/carton ,1000 cases/40 HQ
8 HAND SANITIZER 500ml/BOTTLE 24bottles/carton ,1000 cases/40 HQ
9 HAND SANITIZER 1000ml/BOTTLE 12bottles/carton ,1000 cases/40 HQ

Application scene: hand disinfection

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Introduction Factory supply Custom logo OEM household medical various milliliters hand sanitizer wash-free portable anti-corrosion disinfectant hand and skin degerming
Cleaning Type  Dry cleaning
Sample collection  free
Factory staff 233
Description  hand sanitizer
Function  Kill 99.99% bacteria and viruses
Specification 20ml 30ml 50 ml 60ml 100ml 120ml 150ml 200ml 250ml 300ml 500ml 1000ml
Usage Press the gel nozzle, extrude 3-5 grams, and evenly rub with hands for 10 seconds,disinfection of hands
Port  Qingdao
Duration of payment T/T, L/C,D/P,Western Union
Capacity  according to pieces 100,0000 per month
Active ingredient content 60-75%alcohol
Brand  haicheng health
Dosage form  gel
Certification  GMP/ISO/MSDS/SGS
OEM/ODM acceptable
Main target buyers  supermarkets, hotels, e-commerce, trading companies, etc
Packing details
 Tube Bottle Carton
Shelf life 2 years
Note  for external use only, no oral, alcohol allergies are careful to use.
Storage conditions  Keep away from fire source and keep in a cool, dry place.
Delivery time 5000-20000 bottles   15 days
bottles over 20001   negotiated

Production process advantages

Hand sanitizer (1)

Strong productive capacity

Hand sanitizer (1)

Strong R & D capability

Hand sanitizer (2)

Automatic Production Line

Hand sanitizer (3)

GMP 100,000 level purification workshop

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