Q1: your company is a factory? What kind of disinfectant is produced?

Our company is a production factory, disinfectant hot-selling varieties are :75% alcohol disinfectant, hand sanitizer gel, antibacterial hand soap, laundry sanitiser, mouthwash, baby bottle cleaning agent, fruit and vegetable food cleaning disinfectant, food preservative ,84 disinfectant, hypochloric acid disinfectant, pet disinfectant, formaldehyde scavenger, plant growth nutrient solution, water quality modifier, rust remover,delayed spray,beriberi water, gray nail water, bubble bath liquid, hair tonic spray,metal cutting fluid, heavy oil detergent, negative ion water, etc.

Q2: wet wipes all produce what variety?

We can produce 75% alcohol wet wipes,alcohol wipes, alcohol pad,sterilizing sanitary wipes, baby wipes, kitchen wipes, pet wipes, mobile phone wipes, glasses wipes,delayed wipes, industrial wipes, and so on. Can produce 1 piece bag ,10 pieces bag ,20 pieces bag ,30 pieces bag ,40 pieces bag ,50 pieces bag ,60 pieces bag ,80 pieces bag ,100 pieces bag, It can also produce 60 barrelled ,80 barrelled ,100 barrelled ,160 barrelled ,800 barrelled ,1200 barrelled, Can also be customized production according to customer requirements.

Q3: medical supplies and medical devices have what varieties?

we mainly export disposable medical masks, disposable medical surgical masks, medical protective masks (N95), medical protective clothing, medical isolation clothing, medical surgical clothing, disposable medical examination gloves, disposable medical surgical gloves, medical caps, medical isolation goggles, medical isolation masks, protective shoe covers, disposable infrared forehead thermometers, etc.

Q4: the alcohol concentration of alcohol disinfectant and wash-free disinfectant gel? The alcohol used?

Most of our alcohol disinfectant and wash-free disinfectant gel exports are 75% alcohol (ethanol), and can also be made into compound products with higher sterilization rate according to customer requirements. The alcohol we use is 75% food grade.

Q5: what color is the liquid of antibacterial hand soap? Can you make foam?

Color can be according to customer requirements, general customers will want transparent liquid, can also be made into blue, pink, green, yellow and other transparent liquid. Our antibacterial hand soap can be made into foam.

Q6: Laundry sanitiser is the main ingredient? Does the price have an advantage?

main ingredient is p-chloro-xylene phenol, same as DETTOL formula, but our price is cheap.

Q7: mouthwash, baby bottle cleaning agent, fruit and vegetable food cleaning disinfectant, food preservative have irritation to human body?

The main component is natural anion water, which is electrolyzed from pure water to high concentration anion. It has strong osmotic cleaning ability and bactericidal rate, and has no irritation to human body and no taboos.

Q8: What is the effect of adult products?

The main component is natural herbs, with strong permeability, can penetrate the skin to the epidermal nerve, rapid effect, the most important without any stimulation and side effects on the human body.

Q9: what is the composition of the wet wipes? what function and packing wet wipes can you all do?

Wet wipes is a solid containing liquid, is by spurs non-woven fabric as a carrier, according to the function and use of different, add different liquids. Our company has a strong biochemical R & D team, according to customer requirements, the preparation of functional liquids to achieve customer satisfaction. Packaging can make a variety of pieces of bags, barrels, boxes or according to customer requirements.

Q10: you offer a licensing service? Is there a minimum order?

Yes, we offer licensing services. A minimum order is a 20 GP container.

Q11: your company's products can meet our national import and export regulations?

At present, our products have been sold well in many countries, our FDA CE MSDS and dangerous certificates are very complete, so do not worry about transportation and customs clearance, more details, please discuss with our business manager.

Q12: can we buy in small quantities?

Yes, all suppliers are small and large, the trade between the two sides is also from a small number of trial orders to a large number of wholesale, we are willing to work closely with global suppliers to grow together.

Q13: can we purchase in large quantities?

Of course, don't worry about our capacity. Each of our varieties can produce up to 100000+ bottles (bags) per day, which can be provided in large quantities.

Q14: How long can ship?

This depends on the quantity of your order. For more details, please talk to the business manager.